CHICAGO (CBS) — Low income families and individuals in Illinois who need tax help can get it free of charge.

The nonprofit Center for Economic Progress will be in 15 communities this tax season.

Organization President and CEO David Marzahl has more on who qualifies for the service.

“Families making under $50,000 a year qualify for the services, individuals under $25,000, so we target the program for low-income, hard-working families and individuals,” said Marzahl.

Marzahl says a last minute deal in congress ended the payroll tax credit shrinking paychecks, but he says all is not lost with their clients.

“We have an expanded Illinois earned income tax credit, it is probably the only good fiscal news that had come out of Springfield recently and it means that low-income families especially are going to be able to get a state refund through the earned income tax credit that might be worth up to $450,” said Marzahl.

The Center for Economic Progress will be open for business until April 15.

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