Hanin Goma

Hanin Goma, 23, is charged with driving under the influence of drugs and causing the death of Carter Vo in Skokie. (Credit: Skokie police)

CHICAGO (CBS) — A Skokie woman charged with DUI in the crash that claimed the life of an 8-year-old boy pleaded guilty Thursday to all charges.

Hanin Goma was charged with felony aggravated DUI and faces up to 14 years in prison when sentenced next month.

Police say Goma, 23, had cannabis and amphetamines in her system at the time of the crash.

Goma was charged in the crash that killed Carter Vo, who was riding his bike at Main Street and St. Louis Avenue when Goma’s car hit him on May 21, 2012.

Goma was driving south on the residential St. Louis Avenue and attempting to make a left turn onto Main Street – a four-lane thoroughfare. She hit another car, then lost control and hit Carter on the sidewalk. A third car was also hit in the process.

Carter was just days from finishing the 2nd grade.

Goma has a long traffic record going back to June 2007, for speeding, running red lights, not having insurance, and assorted other offenses. Most seriously, she was ticketed for leaving the scene of an accident by Chicago Police in August of last year.

She was also charged in 2011 with marijuana possession and criminal damage to property last year, and was given a fine, supervision and community service for the drug possession. The supervision ended in March, 2012.

Before the deadly accident, Goma had 15 traffic violations on her record since 2008 — including six for speeding — but she was only convicted of two of those counts. The rest of the traffic violations were dismissed or dropped, for various reasons.

Illinois state law requires three convictions in a single year before a driver’s license is suspended.

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