(CBS) Assistant trainer to Floyd Mayweather Jr. and former professional boxer Nate Jones joined Craig Miller at the Taylor Park Gym on the south side of Chicago.

Nate is a two time National Gold Glove Champion and won the Heavy Weight Bronze Medal at the 1996 Olympics. Forced into early retirement, Nate has been training Floyd ever since they met on the same U.S Olympic Boxing Team.

Listen to Nate talk about Floyd Mayweather’s next fight on May 4, who his opponent will be, and how much longer Floyd will continue to fight. Hear him explain Mayweather’s unique fighting style, which is called the “Philly Shell Defense.” Where did he learn it? How did he perfect it?

Nate believes that Manny Pacquiao has been using steroids his entire career and is the main reason Floyd will not fight Pacquiao. He talks about the lack of promotion amongst Chicago promoters and the problems with the Illinois State Boxing Commission.

In addition to acting as a producer for The Mully and Hanley Show, heard Monday-Friday from 5am-9am on 670 The Score, Craig covers boxing for 670TheScore.com. You can read more of his work here.

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