Crap Of The Week: Dan McNeil

(WSCR) This week’s Crap of the Week goes out to Dan McNeil.

This, from Scott.

On Tuesday, while discussing the finer points of Forgetting Sarah Marshall with another Score part-timer, Matt Spigel, Mac began regaling listeners with his recent trek to Hawaii.  Mac was comparing the Jason Segal character to his resorts’ water-sports instructor when he gave us this gem . . .
“He was teaching them different things.  He had a board that you would stand on and then use a paddle.  I don’t know what they’re called.”
Dan, the board that one stands upon and uses a paddle to propel oneself is called . . .a paddleboard!
Now, I know that you went to the Harvard of Delaware County, but I presume that you did not have a course in word origin.  So, let me help…
First, paddle comes from the Middle English padell, a spade-shaped tool for cleaning a plow, with a first known use around 1624.  Board also comes from the Middle English bord, a piece of sawed lumber or border from ship’s side, with a first known use before the 12th century.  Used together they form paddleboard, a long narrow buoyant board used for riding the surf or in rescuing swimmers, first used in 1938.
Now, in the future, if you need help with say, what to call a box full of sand in which children play, or what to call a pair of glasses that reduce the sun’s glare, give me a call.  I can help.
Danny, when it comes to wagering, you are a savant.  When it comes to lexicography, not so much.
Daaaan MaaaNeeel, WYC?

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