CHICAGO (CBS) — The Emanuel Administration is announcing the first major expansion of Chicago’s Blue Cart Recycling Program. He kicked off the first phase on the North Side.

North Side Alderman Joe Moore has been fighting to get Blue Cart Recycling in his area for years and he was relieved to see this day come.

“We became a city of haves and have-nots. One-third of the city enjoyed the benefits of recycling, and the other two-thirds of the city went without,” said Moore.

Mayor Emanuel joined Moore and neighboring Alderman Debra Silverstein to announce that areas of the city that don’t have biweekly collection of recyclables will see it phased in over the next ten months.

“In the year 2013, by the end of the year, all parts of the city will finally have recycling and this is the first major expansion in a decade,” said Emanuel.

The expansion is being paid for by $4.5 million in savings from managed competition in the recycling program.

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