CHICAGO (CBS) — Residents in the far northern suburbs were digging out from heavy snow early Wednesday, after they were hit hardest by the winter storm that blew through the Chicago area on Tuesday. A couple more inches could fall on Wednesday.

Much of the snow that fell on Tuesday turned to slush, as it was mixed with freezing rain and sleet at times, and temperatures climbed to a high of 35 degrees.

The northern and far northern suburbs saw the most snow, with 11 inches in Waukegan, 10.4 inches in Beach Park, 10 inches in Fox Lake and Gurnee, and 6.5 inches in Woodstock.

The snowfall was more modest in Chicago and the southern suburbs. The official snow total for Chicago was 4.8 inches at O’Hare Airport, with 4 inches reported at Midway. In the southern and western suburbs, 5 inches were reported in Wheaton, 3.2 inches in Naperville, 2.2 inches in Romeoville, and 2 inches in Mokena.

An additional 1 to 2 inches of snow could fall on Chicago area on Wednesday, with slightly higher totals in the northern suburbs.

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CBS 2’s Susanna Song reports many roads in the northern suburbs were still a slushy mess early Wednesday as plows did their best to clear away the heavy, wet snow.

Even in spots plows had passed multiple times, slushy snow was left behind on some roads.

“Re-plowing, it wasn’t bad at all, because with the trucks and the plows, they go pretty good in the snow. It’s heavy snow though,” plow driver Charlie Jedrysczek said.

Plow drivers have been out, willingly and happily clearing snow from streets and parking lots; the more snow that falls on the ground, the more cash in their wallets.

“It’s about $3,000 every time it snows,” said plow driver Oscar Lopez. “It’s good business, but also it’s really, really hard work, because you have to be really careful while you’re driving.”

While most main streets had been cleared of virtually all snow early Wednesday, many side streets were still a mess. Plow drivers warned motorists to drive carefully on the slush and ice to avoid crashes.

People should also be careful shoveling the snow, which is especially wet and heavy.

Although this winter has seen much less snow than normal, February has been far ahead of normal snow levels.

So far this winter, Chicago has had 18.4 inches of snowfall, compared to an average of 29 inches by the end of February. Of this year’s total, 14.9 inches have fallen in February, compared to a monthly average of 8.6 inches.

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