CHICAGO (CBS) — Sen. Dick Durbin wants talks to resume quickly, and in earnest, on a compromise that will put an end to the sequester, and the cuts that are taking place.

Durbin said Saturday, following an unrelated event on Chicago’s northwest side, that some of the sequester-induced spending cuts will take time to feel, although he said some air travelers will feel it immediately.

“The notion that we are somehow going to have fewer air traffic controllers and less service at some of our airports in order to be safe? At a time when our economy is starting to grow that is not a good idea, to start closing airports. In some communities they are a lifeline to jobs and business,” he said, noting that Midway Airport is among those at which the hours of staffing by FAA controllers is being cut back.

He said some critical medical research could go unfunded for the next six to seven months, and said, “That makes no sense at all.”

Durbin said that, to date, there have been three dollars in spending cuts for every dollar of tax increases. He said what is needed is “a more balanced approach,” and said the tax increases the Democrats have on the table would affect only the biggest corporations and richest Americans.

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