By Dana Kozlov

TINLEY PARK, Ill. (CBS) — Something strange is happening in a Tinley Park strip mall lot.

CBS 2’s Dana Kozlov reports the mystery has left investigators puzzled, and dozens of people without a working car.

At first glance, it appears to be your typical Kohl’s parking lot. But something is awry.

A strange force is leaving some shoppers stranded; their car key fobs powerless to unlock and even start their vehicles.

“It actually happened to my mom over the weekend and it didn’t work for her either,” said Ken Hopman.

Asked if he thought was weird, Hopman said, “Yeah.”

Joe Karchesky thinks so, too. Last weekend, his wife’s key fob went kaput outside the Kohl’s. She was locked out.

“I went out there with the other key fob thinking that they key fob was dead, the battery was dead, and so we got the other one and I brought it out there and there was nothing,” said Karchesky.

Until it was towed away. Just outside the parking lot – problem solved.

“Everything’s fine,” said Karchesky.

It is a bit of a mystery,” said Pat Carr, Tinley Park’s Director of Emergency Management

But Tinley Park’s emergency management director is now on the case. So far though, no answers.

“We’re just trying to narrow down what it might be. It seems to be a radio interference type of issue,” said Carr.

Pat Carr says 20 to 30 cars have been affected by this so far unexplained phenomenon – which is occurring in the same strip mall where five women were killed at a Lane Bryant clothing store five years ago.

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