CHICAGO (CBS) — These days, Chicago-based Groupon has been making news for what’s going wrong: Problems going public, the CEO stepping down.

But another Chicago-based coupon company says it’s thriving, because of one little secret reports CBS 2’s Pamela Jones.

From workouts to your own spin on hot molten glass, Chicagoans are swooping in on a website kicking out deep discounts on all kinds of products and services.

“It’s kind of similar to Groupon. I’ve used it a few times for stuff around the neighborhood,” said Claire Torres.

But the hyper-chicago approach is exactly what makes YouSwoop different. The “features” focus on small Chicago businesses.

”There’s really no reason to push outside when we’ve got people right here that need our help,” said YouSwoop Managing Partner Jeff Kaplan.

The burgeoning business boasts some 200,000 swoopers.

“We are not about group buying,” said Kaplan. “You, when you see something you like, you swoop right in on it. You grab it.”

You see a daily feature like a salon, only a few exist, so the business isn’t burdened by the bargain.

“Limiting quantities. We’ve never over inundated a business,” said Kaplan.

YouSwoop IS all about going for more than the ordinary.

The company says it goes for innovations like using a ping pong table for more than just serving up a little therapy.

“All of a sudden we are bouncing ping pong balls, then we start bouncing ideas after one another,” said Kaplan.

With 20 employees, YouSwoop is hoping to swoop on some new talent hiring in during an age of layoffs in the industry.

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