By Mike Puccinelli

STREAMWOOD, Ill. (CBS) — Streamwood Police are asking for help and have released surveillance photos of the suspect.

It’s been three days since Andy Jaiswal was stabbed to death at a gas station in west suburban Streamwood. Streamwood Police are asking for help to catch the suspect and have released surveillance photos of the suspect.

The gas station clerk’s mom was so distraught she needed to be held up as she was ushered into a news conference just minutes after attending her son’s funeral. Jaiswal was stabbed to death before dawn Saturday as he worked the overnight shift at this Streamwood Thornton’s.

“I know you’re watching. You are going to be caught,” said Pratima Jaiswal, the victim’s cousin.

To try and insure that that happens the CEO of the Thorntons gas station chain flew to Illinois from Kentucky to console the family and announce a reward.

“We would like to announce a reward of $25,000 for any information that brings Andy’s killer,” said Thorntons CEO Matt Thornton.

Streamwood police released these photos of the suspect but so far no one has identified the man caught on camera wearing one white and one black tennis shoe.

“Someone out there heard something and someone out there knows something,” said Streamwood Police Chief James Keegan.

Family members say Jaiswal had lived in the Streamwood area for three years but had yet to visit downtown Chicago.

His cousin offered to go with Andy downtown, to which Jaiswal responded, “I want to come over there but I have got to work,” according to his cousin.

Jaiswal’s family says he never visited Chicago because he was the sole breadwinner for his family and that’s why he was so intent on working all the time. His ultimate goal was to become a computer scientist.

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