CHICAGO (CBS) — Chicago’s oldest pet store has decided to make some big changes.

Sonja Raymond’s family has been operating Collar & Leash since 1956, buying the dogs it sells from puppy mills.

“You know I had gone on the word of my distributers that I get my dogs from that ‘Oh yeah these people are reputable, I’ve known them for years.’ Within the past year I have found out they lied.”

So, Raymond has decided no more. Instead, Collar & Leash will sponsor adoptions from shelters and shelter rescues.

It is a decision championship dog owner Grace Tydings believes is long overdue.

“There are dogs that are basically pumping out litters of litters of litters of puppies until they basically die. It is pretty disgusting,” said Tydings.

As for Raymond and her pet store, stopping the sale of puppy mill dogs could also make good business sense.

“I have actually received a ton of feedback and it has all been excellent,” said Raymond.

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