EVANSTON, Ill. (CBS) — An Evanston nightclub has announced it’s canceling an upcoming concert because of an anti-gay rant on stage by the performer.

That performer is Michelle Shocked. And as CBS 2’s Mike Parker reports, what she said last weekend at a San Francisco venue has lead to canceled concerts across the country.

Pop singer Michelle Shocked, now a born-again Christian was performing at a San Francisco nightclub when witnesses say she suddenly went into an anti-gay diatribe.

“She started talking about hypocrisy in the bible, the end of days are coming and then took it to a whole other level,” said Lisa Bautista, a witness.

The singer is quoted as saying “When they stop Prop 8 and force priests at gunpoint to marry gays, it will be the downfall of civilization..”

“It’s true. It was an ugly rant,” said Stuart Rosenberg, co-owber of Evanston nightclub ‘Space.’

Space has now cancelled her scheduled May appearance. Others around the country have done the same.

“We felt that it just wasn’t appropriate to have her on our stage,” said Rosenberg.

But a Chicago gay-activist disagrees on free speech grounds. He’s calling for a consumer boycott.

“If we don’t go, if her fans don’t show, she doesn’t have a venue,” said Rick Garcia.

“I will defend to her death, the right to say what she wants to say. I just don’t want her playing in my sandbox,” said Rosenberg.

After a firestorm of outrage from the gay community, Michelle Shocked is now saying she was misunderstood.

Her statement released Wednesday; “I do not, nor have I ever said or believed that God hates homosexuals or anyone else. I said that some of his followers believe that.”

She added that she is, in her words, “damn sorry.”

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