CHICAGO (CBS) — For Lynn Sapp, ice cream is the family business.

“I’m third generation,” she said.

As owner and operator of The Original Rainbow Cone in Chicago’s Beverly neighborhood, the pink building at 92nd Street and Western Avenue has become a beacon for ice cream lovers.

“People come from the North side, they come from all over, they come from the airports, we get wedding parties in here,” said Sapp.

Back in 1926, Chicago really only extended as far south as the Bridgeport area. Beyond 95th street, however, were the centuries-old cemeteries that Chicagoans visited every Sunday. On their way back home, patrons would stop in for a cone.

“Sundays were always the most popular days. They still are,” said Sapp.

The 87-year-old business is known for its famous rainbow cones. It’s a five layer cone complete with chocolate, strawberry, Palmer House, pistachio and orange sherbet on top.

Sapp says her grandfather Joseph Sapp loved ice cream, and he invented their signature dish.

“He was an orphan and he worked on a farm and back in the day, they gave you a slab of ice cream because they had no cones. And they served it in what’s like a modern french fry cart, like a carton. That’s where he got the idea to put one flavor on top of the other,” Sapp said.

It’s quite the popular item, and this year they’ll be bringing it back to their 27th year at Taste of Chicago.

“We’re the number one vendor in dessert, ice cream,” she said.

Sapp said the ice cream industry is changing, and they face a lot more competition, but their unique product and nostalgia keeps people coming back.

“We’re grateful to God that we are still doing well, we’re still here and we plan to be here,” she said.

And who doesn’t need a little color in their lives? Sapp says she hopes to serve the rainbow cone to generations to come.

“My goal is to get a rainbow in everybody’s hand from the East coast to the West Coast,” she said.

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