CHICAGO (CBS) — An international flight was grounded at O’Hare after several passengers were rushed to the hospital. The tourists were headed home to Copenhagen Denmark late last night.

The Chicago Department of Health conducted this investigation.
They say the 9 passengers who went to the hospital were sick with the Noro virus.

Their vacation wasn’t supposed to end like this, eight people headed home to Denmark get sick. So sick, their flight was grounded and they’re transported to local hospitals.

It happened on a Scandanavian Airlines flight. The CDC quarantine station at the international terminal got the call just after 11 p.m. with reports of passengers feeling nauseous and getting sick.

8 patients left O’Hare in ambulances. The remaining healthy patients continued to board the plane but when another passenger reported feeling nauseous, the pilot decided to ground the flight for fear that others would get sick on the nine hour trip.

The department of health says the passengers contracted Noro virus from another passenger who was sick prior to the trip to the United States.

Health officials interviewed food service vendors and tour operators to get to the bottom of this.

Most of the affected passengers were treated, released and are already on their way home.

The CDC, Health department and airport officials say there are confident this was an isolated incident.

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