CHICAGO (CBS) — The Cook County Sheriff’s office says there’s no indication that more victims of John Wayne Gacy are buried on Northwest Side property where Gacy’s mother lived.

John Wayne Gacy’s known victims are 33 boys and young men, most of them found in the crawlspace of his house in Norwood Park.

There has been speculation that he may have buried more remains on property where his mother once lived – near Miami and Elston.

Past attempts to see if remains were there had been inconclusive.

Now Sheriff Tom Dart’s office says initial analysis just concluded indicates no human remains on the property.

A spokesman says the final report is yet to come.

In a statement, the spokesman says, “The analysis of the property included: the use of highly-trained dogs capable of detecting the scent of human remains, ground penetrating radar, and infrared thermographic imaging techniques.

“When combined, all of these investigative methods provide the greatest accuracy in finding subsurface anomalies.”

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