ST. CHARLES, Ill. (CBS) — The owner of an historic west suburban farm sees it as open space for future generations as Kane County reviews it for landmark status.

Owner Deborah Jahn say she and architect husband Helmut had to do a lot of work on the sagging dairy barn on the farm which David Long started in 1860, just outside S. Charles

She hopes the future of the 25 acre farm lies with open space.

“I would just hate to see another development come in there after I’m gone because it won’t leave my hand,” said Jahn.

Deborah Jahn estimates a developer would cut it into 15 one-acre plus plots.

“I would hope that would never happen and so that is really why I went ahead with trying to apply for this status,” said Jahn.

Though landmark designation lies on historical significance, Jahn reserves her warmest appraisal for the 200 year old trees for which the Seven Oaks farm has been named.

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