LAKE ZURICH, Ill. (CBS) — A close call Wednesday night for several kids walking on the ice in Lake Zurich.

Firefighters had to rush to the scene after some of those kids fell through and could not get to shore, reports CBS 2’s Pamela Jones.

Rescuers who rushed with their gear to the frigid waters of Lake Zurich say the ice was just too thin at Paulus Park today.

Too thin to support any of four children ages seven to 15 who fell through.

“Well when you see that, it is kind of scary for them,” said Lake Zurich Fire & Rescue Captain Terry Johnson

“We believe the young one went through first. The other three were close by, got her out and the ice collapsed underneath them,” said Lake Zurich Fire & Rescue Chief Dave Wheelock.

Firefighters say most of the ice out here is an inch thick or less. All you have to do it touch it with your foot and it breaks away. But two of the kids pulled themselves out.

“The two youngest were able to get up onto the ice and find what they thought was a safe path back across the lake to try and get help.” Said Chief Wheelock.

Rescuers equipped with dry suits saved the other two children from water so cold, they could barely hold onto a shelf of ice.

“They don’t want to move. They’re scared. They already fell in once. They don’t want to fall in again,” said Captain Johnson

With the recent freeze, thaw cycle out here Lake Zurich Fire and Rescue says you should assume any body of water with leftover ice is not safe to walk on.

Two of the children were taken to Advocate Good Shepherd in Barrington.

A village worker who first spotted the kids and the two other kids are recovering at home. CBS 2 has been told they’ll all be ok.

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