(WSCR) This week’s Crap of the Week goes out to Taylor Swift.

This, from Steven.

In a recent interview promoting her newest song “22,” Taylor was asked about getting a new start to the year after breaking up with yet another boyfriend at the end of 2012. Among the things she mentioned were The People’s Choice Awards, where she won Choice Country Artist. Talking about how it was nice to know she was still loved by her fans, she stated, “I couldn’t believe I won, when they called my name it was a huge shock. I thought I had no chance with the other artists I was up against.”

Well Taylor, unlike other prestigious award show producers, who would electrocute a room full of children if it means keeping their winners a secret, the People’s Choice Awards notifies the winners weeks in advance.

One can only wonder if you’re that bad at faking the worst kept secret in the awards realm, God only knows what else you’re bad at faking.

Taylor Swift, who ya crappin?



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