CHICAGO (CBS) — To hear Chicago Teacher’s Union President Karen Lewis tell it, we should believe nothing that the mayor and school officials say about the plan to close more than fifty schools. She spoke at the Rainbow-Push Coalition this morning, reports WBBM’s Mike Krauser.

“If you are closing schools with names like Attucks, Bontemps, Mahalia Jackson, Jesse Owens, Marcus Garvey, there is a disconnection,” said Lewis.

Lewis says school officials who know nothing about the kids who’s live will be affected are full of lies.

“We have people who are so arrogant, that they would put the lives of 30,000 children, almost 3,000 homeless children in harm’s way to make a point. Brothers and sisters there is something wrong with that,” said Lewis.

She wants kids to show up at the closed schools on the first day.

Lewis also said she stands by her recent comment that the teachers and students should show up for the first day at the closed schools. She said civil disobedience is the only way to fight the closings.

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