(WSCR) The Mac & Spiegs Cubs/Sox prop bets are back.

Below, there are seven bets – the first to win four bets wins the challenge. The loser will then be responsible for catering the 2014 Mac & Spiegs tailgate before a White Sox game.

Mac will be represented by the Sox and Spiegel will be represented by the Cubs.

Here are this year’s prop bets:

Bet 1:
Which player is the first to hit 25 Home Runs – Paul Konerko (Mac) and Anthony Rizzo (Spiegel).

Bet 2:
Which comes first:  John Danks first win (Mac) or Matt Garza’s first win (Spiegs)

Bet 3:
Who gets called up first:  Brent Morel (Mac) or Brett Jackson (Spiegel)?

Bet 4:
Which happens first:  The Sox win 60 games (Mac) or the Cubs lose 60 games (Spiegs)?

Bet 5:
Which manager will be ejected from a game first – Robin Ventura (Mac) or Dale Sveum (Spiegs)?

Bet 6:
Which reaches 150 first:  Adam Dunn strikeouts (Mac) or Starlin Castro hits (Spiegel)?

Bet 7:
Who is the first pitcher to strikeout 150 batters this season:  Chris Sale (Mac) or Jeff Samardzija (Spiegel)?

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