CHICAGO (CBS) — Activists acknowledge it’s probably too late to restore this year’s Puerto Rican parade in downtown Chicago, but they’re fighting to get it back for next year.

For nearly half a century, Chicago’s Puerto Rican community has held a downtown parade, in addition to another in Chicago’s largely Hispanic Humboldt Park neighborhood.

But this year, the two are being merged into one large parade, on June 15, starting at Division and California.

The decision to cancel the downtown event this year, isn’t sitting well with some community leaders.

“Downtown shows a Puerto Rican presence for the entire city and not just for a small group of people who will be watching it on Division Street,” said Dr. Julio Cruz.

Those who advocate combining the parades say it’s become too expensive to put on two.

They say the downtown event dilutes the amount of money spent in Humboldt Park on the day of the parade.

Critics of the decision have filed a lawsuit.

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