By Roseanne Tellez

 (CBS) — He was out to make a difference in the world as an AmeriCorps volunteer, but the dreams of a young Chicago man were cut short by a bullet in New Orleans.

CBS 2’S Roseanne Tellez reports.

Eighteen-year-old Joe Massenburg was gunned down Monday on a street in New Orleans. He was part of a team promoting energy efficient light bulbs.

For his Matteson family, the death of their youngest child is difficult to comprehend.

“We see it all the time. It’s senseless,” the victim’s father, Pastor Andre Massenburg, says.

His mother, Sharon, describes her son as “very funny” and says, He was loving and very thoughtful.”

Massenburg had been in New Orleans three weeks and was due to head home in less than a week.

While Massenburg’s time in New Orleans was brief, his efforts were appreciated.

AmeriCorps released a statement calling Massengburg’s death “a tragic loss for his family, his friends, and our program.”

“The safety of our members is a top priority. We work to provide a safe environment for all of our members in which to serve and live.”

Massenburg’s body was expected to return home Thursday night. Police in New Orleans meantime have no leads in what appears to have been a senseless random killing.

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