(CBS) Less than one week after suffering a horrific broken leg, Louisville’s Kevin Ware is on his way to recovery.

Ware, who is in Atlanta with his team for the Final Four, joined last night’s Late Show with David Letterman via satellite to give the “Top Ten things going through Kevin Ware’s mind when he broke his leg.”

Check out the video below!

10. “What was that loud cracking sound?”

9. “I hope this doesn’t leave a bruise”

8. “Hey look — my tibia!”

7. “OUCH”

6. “Did it go in?”

5. “Oh, boy . . . hospital food!”

4. “Tape it up, coach, I’m staying in”

3. “They fired Leno?”

2. “Heat, then ice or ice, then heat?”

1. “At least my bracket’s not busted.”

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