(WSCR) The Mac & Spiegs Cubs/Sox prop bets are back, and here’s an update.

Mac is represented by the White Sox and Spiegel is represented by the Cubs. Remember, the loser must supply the food for the show’s tailgate next season.

Here’s an update:

Bet 1:
Which player is the first to hit 25 Home Runs – Paul Konerko (Mac) and Anthony Rizzo (Spiegel).
Rizzo – 2   Konerko – 1

Bet 2:
Which comes first:  John Danks first win (Mac) or Matt Garza’s first win (Spiegs)
Neither to date

Bet 3:
Who gets called up first:  Brent Morel (Mac) or Brett Jackson (Spiegel)?
Neither to date

Bet 4:
Which happens first:  The Sox win 60 games (Mac) or the Cubs lose 60 games (Spiegs)?
Sox have 4 wins, Cubs have 5 losses

Bet 5:
Which manager will be ejected from a game first – Robin Ventura (Mac) or Dale Sveum (Spiegs)?
Neither yet

Bet 6:
Which reaches 150 first:  Adam Dunn strikeouts (Mac) or Starlin Castro hits (Spiegel)?
Dunn 9 strikeouts, Castro 9 hits

Bet 7:
Who is the first pitcher to strikeout 150 batters this season:  Chris Sale (Mac) or Jeff Samardzija (Spiegel)?
Sale 14 strikeouts, Samardzija 22 strikeouts

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