(CBS) After the Cubs and the City of Chicago announced a deal to renovate Wrigley Field, eyes quickly turned to see the reaction of the Wrigleyville Rooftops Association, which did not have a voice in the negotiations and has a 20-year contract with the team that could be affected by the renovation.

As a response to the deal, the Wrigleyville Rooftops Association released the following statement:

“We are pleased the Chicago Cubs will participate in a community process to flesh out these details more in-depth. However, no community process, city ordinance, or agreement without our consent can or should dismiss contractual rights granted to us by the Chicago Cubs in 2004. Rooftop owners reserve the right to use any and all means necessary to enforce the remaining 11 years of our 20-year contract. We, as well as every interested party in the Lakeview neighborhood, will study the plans submitted to the City of Chicago and play a constructive role in moving forward.”

The agreement between the Cubs and the city includes construction of both a 6,000 square-foot videoboard in left field and 1,000 square-foot sign in right field that could impact the views from some rooftops.

The language within the official renovation plan released Monday morning said that the team will choose the location of the 6,000 square-foot videoboard “with (the) goal, where not inconsistent with the needs of the ballpark, of minimal impact on rooftops with whom Cubs have an agreement.”

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