Crap Of The Week: Rick Telander

(Credit: YouTube screenshot.)

(Credit: YouTube screenshot.)

(WSCR) This week’s Crap of the Week goes out to Sun-Times columnist Rick Telander.

This, from Dave in New Lenox.

Rick Telander, in the early edition of this Sunday’s Sun-Times, ranted about dangerous obstructions so close to NBA courts. As an example, he picked on the Toronto Raptors’ management saying, “The Toronto Raptors have a long ‘Raptors’ sign on the floor, just a foot behind each baseline. The sign sticks up in the air about three feet, like a triangular billboard. Stupid. Stop it.” Rick, if you watched the Bulls-Raptors game, you would’ve been amazed to watch players run right through that sign. They stomped on it and they fell on it. You would’ve been astounded to occasionally see the baseline official perched like a hawk on top of that “three-foot sign.” And, believe it or not, no player or official was injured and the sign remained unscratched because that “almost three-foot triangular sign, just a foot behind the baseline,” is actually just a really good painting on the floor. Rick, do your homework. All I can add is, “Stupid. Stop it.” Who ya crappin’?

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