(WSCR) It’s been exactly 30 years since former Cubs manager Lee Elia shocked Wrigley Field with a profane rant after an early-season loss.

After the Cubs-Braves game, Elia, upset because he didn’t have a scouting report on Padres rookie Gerald Perry, unloaded during an interview that lasted long after his time in Chicago ended.

For what it’s worth, Perry homered and drove in three runs in the game.

Elia went after Cubs fans during his famous tirade, saying they’re a cheap fan base that doesn’t work for a living.

“If they’re the real Chicago f****** fans, they can kiss my f****** a**, right Downtown, and print it,” Elia said. “They’re really, really behind you around here. My f****** a**. What the f*** am I supposed to do? Go out there and get destroyed and be quiet about it? For the f****** nickel and dime people that show up?”

Elia was fired four months later.



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