CHICAGO (CBS) — 23 shot, three fatally. An ominous ending to the month of April last night in Chicago.

Among the victims to survive: A man named Michael Bailey, Jr. He’s the son of the slain officer, Michael Bailey Sr.

“The first thing I said is,‘Is he dead?’” said Pamela Bailey. “It hurt my heart to see my son laying there. It really did.”

One of 20 victim’s on summer’s commencing barrage, was her son, Michael Bailey Jr.

Her husband, Michael Bailey Sr., was a Chicago Police officer murdered three summer’s ago while wiping down the car he bought to celebrate his retirement, just a month off.

“I’m finally coming to the fact that Michael is dead, and I just want peace. I don’t think that’s too much to ask. That’s my whole thing. I’m tired,” said Pamela Bailey.

“It’s not as bad, it gets bearable,” said Pamela Bailey. “I didn’t want to get up.”

That pain is still at the surface, and she’s pained for her city.

Her son was shot through his abdominal region in the Back of the Yards neighborhood in a friend’s car.

The circumstances are unknown.

“God was there. God was there last night. God was there and I’m glad. Otherwise, I told my son I wouldn’t be saying ‘it’s great to see you’ or ‘see you tomorrow.’ I’d be doing something else right now,“ said Pamela Bailey.

She says her heart did break though in the trauma center at Stroger Hospital – when another family told their loved one didn’t make it.

Officer Bailey’s widow said, “I’ve been there too.”

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