By Dorothy Tucker

ELGIN, Ill. (CBS) — Overnight, two men from northwest suburban Elgin led police on a 125 mile pursuit. When it was all over, the chase ended in Wisconsin.

The high speed pursuit had police pushing 80 on a 125 mile chase that took Elgin and State police through parts of Cook, Lake, Kane, DuPage and into Racine County Wisconsin.

The theft that lead to the chase had taken place at the Sam’s Club in Elgin at 2:45 this morning.

Police say the suspects had managed break into a rear door of the store and we they got there they were loading car batteries into their truck.

Elgin Police Lieutenant Dan O’Shea says when police tried to take the suspects into custody they hit one officer with the door of the truck another head on with the truck, injuring his leg.

Today some shoppers at Sam’s questioned if a burglary warranted such an extensive chase.

“There’s a lot of cars on highway that are vulnerable to getting into accident. A lot of people don’t pay attention these days on cell phones, texting it is bad enough and when got cars speeding there’s a lot of people in danger,” said Tim Heuschmidt

“We pursued them because they had run over two police officers and that takes it to another level. If they’re willing to injure police what would they do to the citizens and we can’t really allow that,” said Lieutenant O’Shea.

The chase finally ended in Wisconsin when police were able to block a street and use a piece of equipment that puts holes in the tires and forces vehicle to stop.

Authorities won’t identify the suspects, but we’re told they’re local men who are now being held in a Wisconsin jail.

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