CHICAGO (CBS) — It has been almost a month since the cell phone ban went into effect at 26th and California – and business is brisk outside the courthouse where an entrepreneur has set up a storage locker on wheels.

Miguel Sosa is the proprietor of Hold ‘Em Up! – a van parked on California that has storage room for cell phones and other items people need to leave behind when they go into the courthouse.

“One time they wanted me to store a whole box of laundry detergent, and I was leery because I didn’t want the bottles to tip over and ruin (all the) cell phones.”

Besides laundry detergent, Sosa also does not accept weapons.

He charges 2 dollars. Cheaper than the 3 dollars they charge inside the criminal courts building.

“You going to regular court today?”

“Yeah…I was locked up in the county. I’m on probation,” said one patron.

“I had one customer, last Thursday he came in at 9. He showed up today. He was locked up. He was incarcerated so we held his stuff. I remember him clearly.”

Sosa says his business has picked up since the first day of the cell phone ban on April 15.

He says he’s making more money than when he was working security or at McDonald’s.

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