BARRINGTON, Ill. (CBS) — An 11-year-old boy hit by a train.

That was the headline on March 15 after the Barrington boy was hit by a Metra train while crossing the train tracks.

Dominic Szymanski amazingly lost only a foot and a few toes on the other foot and today he surprised his entire school.

CBS 2’s Marissa Bailey was in the room when Dominic walked in.

Dominic is a fifth grader at Hough Street Elementary School in Barrington.

His schoolmates gathered to watch a play this afternoon, but before it started, a surprise from Dominic.

The kids had no idea Dominic would return to school and they were quite excited. Dominic had a few words for everyone who supported him throughout his recovery.

“I just want to thank everyone for your thoughts and prayers and everything that you got me during my recovery. And I really missed all of you guys and I’m really happy to be back,” said Szymanski.

The kids have written cards and letters to the 11-year-old throughout his recovery.

The principal says the school was devastated when they first learned of Dominic’s accident.

“Certainly the kids felt a range of emotion but the fact that they could write him cards and that he was receiving those and grateful to have contact,” said Hough Principal Lori Wilcox.

When asked if they ever thought he would get to this point, Dominic’s mother Gayle said, “We were hopeful.”

“It’s been a miracle really,” said Dominic’s Father Luke. “The fact that he survived and he doesn’t have any major head or extremity injuries.”

Dominic will be fitted for a prostetic leg Thursday. Doctors say he will be able to do all the things he could — before the accident.

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