By Jay Zawaski-

(WSCR) Back in the early 2000s, my wife Hope and I had just met.

Before we were “dating,” we were just new friends who both loved the Blackhawks. We had never been able to find anyone to tag along to games with us before we knew each other, so we’d often go alone. When we met, we used and abused the $8 student discount ticket for nearly all 41 home games.

I think there’s something about suffering together that brings a couple closer. Those years of Blackhawk hockey would try anyone.  Steve Poapst, Tyler Arnason, Mark Bell and Kyle Calder were the guys we thought would bring the Cup home.  Night after night, it was disappointment after disappointment, and the Detroit Red Wings were a huge pain inflicter.

Our mutual hatred for the Winged Wheel was one of our earliest bonds.  Over our last 10-plus years together, the Hawks have became competitive, we’ve had a daughter, and a couple of weeks later, the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup. We barely get to games anymore. Time and perspective adjusts one’s priorities. Our hatred for the Wings has faded to a slight grumble.

Our five year wedding anniversary falls on May 24th (or the day after Game 4 of the Red Wings series).  It’s going to be fun unleashing those years of hatred one last time.  It’ll be so romantic.

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