HIGHLAND PARK, Ill. (CBS) — A north suburban teacher gives new meaning to the term “burning your bridges behind you,” as she resigns on a YouTube video decrying a shift towards “Teaching to the Test.”

Fourth Grade teacher Ellen Rubenstein says she started out proud of her classroom job, but has seen the emphasis shift away from real academic growth.

“Raising students’ test scores on standardized tests is now the only goal and in order to achieve it the creativity, flexibility and spontaneity that create authentic learning environments have been eliminated,” said Rubenstein.

Lincoln School teacher Ellen Rubenstein says she left a 20 year advertising career to give something back to the community and loved teaching, loved helping kids love learning.

Rubenstein spoke out after being transferred from Highland Park’s Lincoln Elementary to Ravinia school and says she won’t be back for the 2013 2014 school year in Highland Park.

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