(CBS) — Chase Bank employees on Friday prepared kits containing some basic necessities for Oklahoma tornado victims.

The kits each contain soap, shampoo and hand sanitizer, toilet paper, wash cloths, toothpaste and a brush, among other things.  But World Vision’s Angela Appleton said encouragement is also packed.

“At the end of the assembly line, you write a personal note of encouragement to the recipient,” she tells WBBM Newsradio’s Bob Roberts.  “After having done a lot of these events and seen the recipient receive the hygiene kit, that note of encouragement is a very welcome thing.”

One such note read: “Every day is a new beginning and a chance to start again.”

The 1,000 kits took 115 Chase employees 43 minutes to assemble.  Appleton said they were shipped from the Loop Friday night and should reach Oklahoma by Wednesday.

World Vision provides similar kits to disaster areas worldwide, along with bags filled with pencils, erasers and other classroom necessities as well as medical supplies for the ailing in Africa.

Those wishing to sign up to build other kits can do so by going online here.

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