Twins Rhonda Tenzerra-Samulski and Ronnie Tenzerra. (Credit: Lisa Fielding)

Twins Rhonda Tenzerra-Samulski and Ronnie Tenzerra. (Credit: Lisa Fielding)

CHICAGO (CBS) — When it comes to the Tenzerra twins, growing up on the South Side meant one thing.

“We were raised, everyone on the South Side are true Sox fans, die hard,” said Rhonda Tenzerra-Samulski
But when it comes to baseball, one of the twins crossed over to what South Siders call ‘the dark side”

“When I got a job downtown, my co workers were all Cubs fans. We had rooftop tickets, season tickets from the company. We’d have work outings and go cheer on the Cubs. Everyone said, what do you mean you’re a Cubs fan and I said, I’m switching, I’m going to the other side,” said Tenzerra-Samulski.

“I actually didn’t know she was a Cubs fan until recently. I don’t know how that happened,” said Ronnie Tenzerra.

Ronnie says he couldn’t believe it when Rhonda started supporting the North Siders.

“We have a friendly rivalry, it’s typical Cubs-Sox fans, we don’t get mad at each other but I love razzin her.”

Both say it’s all in fun but will definitely be rooting against each other this week.

“I will be wearing my Cubs gear, he’ll be wearing his Sox gear,” said Rhonda.

The twins are celebrating their 50th birthday at game one at U.S Cellular Field. Tenzerra says he’s glad of one thing: his sister still roots for the Hawks and the Bears.

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