SKOKIE, Ill. (CBS) — Two brothers who saved a mother and daughter from a fiery crash last month, now are trying to help them rebuild their shattered lives.

“They were put in front of me for a reason.”

Ken and Danny Hechtman had just closed up their Skokie restaurant, Ken’s Diner, and were driving home on the Edens Expressway at Tower Road last month when they saw a semi jackknife and crush a car in a fiery crash.

Just before the truck’s gas tank exploded, Ken says they pulled Gloria Garcia and her 10 year old daughter Gianna from the mangled car.

“Gloria’s hands were on fire. Her hair was on fire. Gianna’s jacket was on fire. Between my sweater and their jackets, we got the fire out.”

Mother and daughter were badly burned but Danny says their problems didn’t end there.

“She came out of the hospital homeless, basically, and jobless. She won’t be able to work for, if she will be able to work again, it’s a long haul for her.”

So now, the Hechtman brothers are raising money for the Garcia family, with the help of the Doug Davis Foundation. They plan a fundraiser in August with many of Chicago’s professional sports teams. You can find more information at

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