By Brad Edwards

CHICAGO (CBS) — He survived the terrifying –a fellow passenger on the Green Line with a gun demanding his iPhone. But this passenger’s quick thinking helped police catch up with the suspect, reports CBS 2’s Brad Edwards.

They’re our little electronic life-savers – smart phones. They’ve also become a hot item on the hot market. The stealing of Apple iPhones has become known as Apple picking.

25-year-old Chicago resident Ryan knows the phenomenon first-hand.

“Pure fear,” said Ryan.

That’s how he describes his L ride on Saturday. Ryan and a friend were on the Green Line at 40th and Indiana were told “You don’t belong here” by the man sitting across from them. According to the police report the man said this was a robbery and he lifted up a coat revealing a nine millimeter handgun.

“[He] very discretely said this is a robbery, give me your iPhones,” said Ryan. “We did but he continued to stand there with the gun repeatedly telling us he was going to shoot. You see a gun and you see someone with evil in their eyes like that, no care for humanity.”

When the robber got off Ryan and his cohort alerted police and remembered key details like the precise train car they were on and other descriptors.

“He had imperfections on his skin,” said Ryan.

19-year-old Gregory Taylor was arrested and charged with count of aggravated felony theft and more.

Ryan’s one regret:

“Having the phone out which I think a huge mistake that most people make — it makes you such an easy target.”

He also gives kudos to CPD for their quick work. The accused now jailed and charged with this along with previous crimes.

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