CHICAGO (CBS) — Illinois lawmakers have just one more day to vote on the same-sex marriage bill that passed the Senate on Valentine’s Day.

And it if passes, three local pastors plan to start performing those weddings even if their church says they can’t, reports CBS 2’s Chris Martinez.

Three United Methodists pastors are bound by belief in more than just their faith, but also their stance on same-sex marriage

Rev, Lois Parr says the official word of the church is that, “Clergy are not permitted to celebrate same gender loving couple’s unions.”

According to Rev. Bonnie Beckonchrist official church policy also says that, “Our church buildings cannot be used for such celebrations.” But she says same-sex couples can get married in her Arlington Heights church.

“For us, all means all,” said Rev. Gregory Gross.

“What really speaks to my heart is: God calls me to be in ministry with all the people God loves and God loves everybody,” said Rev. Lois.

The pastors tell CBS 2’s Chris Martinez this is becoming a divisive issue among some United Methodist clergy. In fact, a minister is New York is now facing a church trial after presiding over the same sex wedding of his own son.

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