By Mike Puccinelli

CHICAGO (CBS) — A college student is shot and killed at a family party. 18-year-old Dionte Maxwell died in his mother’s arms.

It appears Maxwell was trying to get some uninvited guests to leave the party when someone in the group pulled out a gun.

As Dionte Maxwell’s loved ones console each other in one another’s arms, his grandmother hugs his picture to her chest, knowing that she’ll never be able to hug her only grandchild again.

“He was always a good boy. He was a boy who excelled at school. He was actually the prom king,” said Brenda McMillon, the victim’s grandmother.

He’d just finished his freshman year at Rockford College where he was studying engineering. But last night, he was at a party at his uncle’s house in Avalon Park.

Some young people showed up uninvited. When they were asked to leave witnesses say they shot up the party.

“At that point everyone just dispersed. We didn’t see who did it or anything just six gun shots,” said witness Monique Stovall.

By the time the shooting stopped, Stovall says so had Dionte’s heart.

Dionte died in the alley behind the house. Today it’s still stained with the teenagers blood.

“Everyone was standing around him and trying to wake him up but he didn’t budge. He just hit the ground and didn’t move anymore after that,” said Stoval.

For more than ten minutes Stovall says everyone stood around Dionte waiting for the ambulance to make it to the alley.

“It makes me sad that my son couldn’t have a birthday party for his girlfriend without my grandson being shot. It hurts,” said Brenda McMillion.

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