CHICAGO (CBS) — There’s a movement to bar Illinois politicians from the Pride Parade later this month.

In the beginning, there was Jane Byrne.

And then more and more politicians joined the Gay Pride Parade in Chicago. It was a place to be seen and curry favor among a well-heeled community.

But with the gay marriage bill mired in Springfield quicksand, some in the gay community – and their supporters – have signed on to an online petition on that wants to ban Illinois politicians from the parade June 30.

By Monday afternoon, the petition had about 500 supporters. By Tuesday, more than 1,200 had signed.

And among the comments: “They are elected to serve the citizens of Illinois and they are paid to do a job: they failed!”

And this comment: “If they can’t do the right thing for gay marriage, they do not deserve to try to get our votes!”

Newsradio is trying to reach organizers of the 44th annual Pride Parade.

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