Wauconda, Ill. (CBS) — There is some controversy over a big power change–in the northwest suburbs. The new mayor of Wauconda wants to replace the police chief there, but some residents say he’s doing it for the wrong reasons.

A room packed with Wauconda residents rumbled with disapproval. They don’t like a move by their newly elected mayor to replace Police Chief Doug Larsson, a move we’re told happened just days ago.

“It seems to me he made a monumental decision in a really short amount of time,” said Wauconda resident Mike Ori.

“We love chief,” said Maria Weisbruch, owner of Bliss Wine and Gifts.

Mayor Frank Bart is a US Army reservist and business consultant. He’s nominating Wauconda Police Sergeant Pat Yost to the Chief’s position. The mayor says his appointment will help trim a police force swollen with sergeants right now.

“We have nine sergeants in a force with 26. That is very high, just to put it in perspective,” said Bart.

The current chief surprised many at tonight’s village board meeting -agreeing with the mayor.

The mayor and I are not adversaries in this. I’ll tell you that I support this process,” said Larson.

But at downtown businesses like Bliss Wine and Gifts, supporters of the current chief wonder whether cost savings or pure politics is pushing Larsson out.

“The entire town was extremely surprised. We really do love our chief and he has done an amazing job,” said Maria Weisbruch, owner of Bliss Wine and Gifts.

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