CHICAGO (CBS) — A Northwest Side business owner has a court date the first week of July during which he’s going to have to prove that he didn’t shovel snow into the street back in March.

Andrew Rusenovich says the notice just came in the mail. He says, “I couldn’t believe that I gotta go downtown to prove that I didn’t throw snow in the street. This is Chicago, snow falls from the sky.”

Rusenovich says the offense dates to March 6, and asks, “How do you come after somebody for snow in June? The evidence is already gone.”

The city informed him him he violated 7-28-390 of the municipal code, which deals with dumping refuse from a moving vehicle into the public way, not snow, but the notice says, “snow put in street.”

“Yeah, it’s $600 to $2,500 and it could possibly include jail time,” Rusenovich said. “I don’t know, if I gotta do some hard snow time that’s gonna be tough.”

Joking aside, Rusenovich says he owns a small building on the 6400 block of West Higgins that houses a chiropractor and a dentist.

He says his taxes are $12,000 a year, and adds, “I mean its crazy. They’ve really gotta make the environment better for businesses or there aren’t going to be any left.”

He denies he put any snow in the street. And says the sidewalk in front of the building butts right up to the street, so he shovels it the other way, because the plows would just put it right back.

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