CHICAGO (CBS) — Governor Quinn has finally connected with House Speaker Mike Madigan to discuss pensions and WBBM’s Bob Roberts reports that he’s hoping for more progress next week.

Quinn says he has spoken with Madigan and Senate President John Cullerton and will meet with them Monday.

“It is their job to put a bill on my desk. I cannot sign legislation unless it is on my desk and the job of the legislature and members of the legislature it to come to Springfield, we are going to do it on the 19th of June, and put a bill on my desk so we can put this issue to rest. I am going to sign it into law, but we have to have a bill,” said Quinn.

Quinn says he will keep after lawmakers until they get the job done and says he has given no consideration declaring bankruptcy even if the stalemate continues.

“That is not Illinois. The people of Illinois are good and true. Our citizens answer the call to duty, join our military. I know from first-hand experience that our military when they have a task at hand, They never give up until the job is done and that is what I would say to our Illinois General Assembly and to leaders of that General Assembly, you never give up until the job is done,” said Quinn.

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