By Derrick Blakley

CHICAGO (CBS) — The Hawks won it, and they aren’t the only one winning as Hawks fans celebrate the move on the Stanley Cup Final. And while that’s exciting for fans, it’s pretty profitable for Chicago businesses. CBS 2’s Derrick Blakley picks up that part of the Hawks win.

When you’re and winner and maybe on the road to a championship everybody wants to get in on the act. Manufacturers of jerseys, t-shirts and other Blackhawks trinkets are providing fans with every opportunity to feel they’re a part of the team for a price.

Exactly 12 hours, 57 minutes and 9 seconds after Patrick Kane propelled the Hawks to the Stanley Cup Final, the official conference championship hats arrived at the River North Sports authority.

“Got a lot of phone calls for ’em and obviously that was the first thing they put on their heads when they clinched last night. Everybody’s been calling looking for that hat,” said Ton McNeff of the Sports Authority.

Jim Cwick, who was at last night’s late game, was at the store today to buy two.

“It was crazy. Actually I don’t remember much because I just remember hugging and high-fiving everyone around me,” said Cwick.

“The conference champ t-shirts and hats, the classic jerseys anything with an Indian head logo becomes red-hot with the Hawks challenging for the cup.

“It’s just like, yes, we made it. We did it in 2010 and we’ll be able to do it three years later in 2013,” said Javis McCall.

And longtime fan Pam Para is buying t-shirts for herself and a friend.

Para acknowledged that she will have to buy another shirt if they win the Stanley Cup and says, “I’ve already planned for that.”

Now if you want to go to Game One Wednesday night at the United Center, prepare to dig deep. Prices right now are running from $500 in the 300 level, to almost $5,000 on the glass at ice level, but those prices are expected to drop somewhat closer to game time.

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