(CBS) — After a court hearing this morning, a mother who served eight years in prison after being wrongly convicted for the strangling death of her four-year son is officially free today.

Since being released from prison on bond in December, Nicole Harris has waited to hear whether the Cook County State’s Attorney’s office would retry her for the death of her son, Jaquari.

She was convicted in 2005 of strangling the four-year-old.

Harris said that she was “In limbo, not knowing what is going to happen. I was scared.”

But today, Harris said she is looking forward to her new life since the charges against her have been dropped. Her attorney sat the Center for Unlawful Convictions and Jenner and Block law firm say the case hinged on two things, a coerced confession after 27 hours of interrogation and the absence of testimony from her other son, then five-year-old Dionte.

“He clearly saw what happened. He was able to articulate that he saw his brother killing himself with a cord around his neck,” said one of Harris’ attorney.

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