By Dana Kozlov

CHICAGO (CBS) — Tourists flock to Paris, but apparently the French aren’t always so friendly. They’re so rude a guide was written in part to teach them to be nicer.

That got CBS 2’s Dana Kozlov thinking: How do we treat our tourists here in Chicago?

There’s Chicago Wiener Circle rude and then, there’s Paris. The difference between the two now? A guide.

Pierre Lasserre – a Frenchman who now runs the exclusive Ritz Carlton Club – helped translate the new right out of Paris pamphlet.

Reading it over with Monsieur Lasserre made CBS 2’s Dana Kozlov wonder, does Chicago need a guide on how to understand tourists? Do tourists find Chicagoans rude?

“They absolutely do not need help. The Midwest people are down to earth,” said,” says Weiner Circle patron Sherry Sturch – sitting in a joint where employees are respected for their gruff demeanor.

Ditto says Lasserre, commending Midwesterners on their congeniality.

“Chicago is doing great,” said Lasserre.

Regarding Paris’ reputation for rudeness, Pierre Lasserre says it’s likely more the result of cultural differences than anything else.

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