CHICAGO (CBS) — He loves his job so much that he says it doesn’t even feel like work.

Harry Porterfield says magician Dirk Spence is Someone You Should Know.

If you ever passed it on the road, you can say you’ve seen the amazing magic house on wheels.

And where ever it stops, magician Dirk Spence keeps his audience spell-bound with illusions.

On this occasion, it was parked at Whitey’s Dairy Palace in Tinley Park.

Spence has been dealing out illusions to a variety of audiences for the past 35 years.

“It started when I was a little boy with a dream,” Spence said. “I wanted to be a big time magician. I met one of Houdini’s friends, Jack Gwinn, and he inspired me.”

Thirty-five years ago, a friend gave him the 1945 truck he uses for his shows.

After restoring it, he devoted it to another purpose.

“I wanted to sell hot dogs out of it at Daytona Beach, but I couldn’t get a permit,” Spence said. “So then my imagination turned me to use it for a stage for a magic show, and I believe I’m the only one in the country that does this.

“It doesn’t seem like work unless I’m underneath the truck fixing an oil leak, but the magic just comes natural to me.”

To learn more about his show, you can check out his website

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