GARY, Ind.(CBS) Gary Police responded to the call at 5800 East 13th Street around 1 a.m. Three black males were found with multiple gunshot wounds dead in the street.

“It shocks everyone, three people at one time, so it is disheartening,” said Laria Crews.

Crews tells Newsradio the three men are identified as 27-year-old Antonio Dove, 34-year-old Michael Andrews and 22-year-old Briean Jiles, who lived in the neighborhood where the shooting occurred.

“We are very cognizant that when we here of three homicides that it could provoke some unease,” said Crews.

Michael Jiles was driving to Gary from his North Carolina home when he got word his nephew, 22-year-old Briean Jiles, had been killed.

“This is a prime example of why I left, the crime. It’s just unsafe,” said Jiles.

Jiles says his nephew wasn’t a gang member, but police say the murders could be gang retaliation.

“Rumors have been going on because there was a shooting incident prior, so we’re trying to see if those two incidents are related or not,” said Crews.

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