CHICAGO (CBS) — Most fans already have their jersey on and game-time snacks ready.

So, what’s a die-hard fan to do when they have to work during the biggest game of the year? One Blackhawks fan has a plan.

“What we have is the surveillance television over there, so when it’s gametime we just switch over to the game because we can’t miss it. It’s the Stanley Cup,” said Nayef Abdulkawi.

Hawks fans everywhere are staking out TV, even if they’re supposed to be doing something else.

“They sneak out and obviously want to stay at the bar and see what the score is.I mean you can’t be mad at them at this point. Game 6,” said Tommy Matanovic, restaurant manager Vapiano.

But At Floyd’s 99 Barbershop, they’ll have the game on.

“Well I’m going to be glued to the TV. I don’t know, some haircuts might get a little botched,” said barber Kelsey Holub.

Physical therapist Romeo Villasenor describes himself as an avid Blackhawks fan, but has to work tonight.

“Well I made a deal with one of the therapists to see some of my patients so I can get off early,” said Villasenor

John Mahipos says he usually leaves work at six or seven which means he would miss the puck drop.

“I’m not going to do that,” said Mahipos. “It’s going to be epic. We’re going to end this.

Mahipos is leaving early and taking good luck with him.

“I also brought my shirt I haven’t washed it since the beginning of the series,” said Mahipos.

And one man who didn’t want to be identified to keep him out of trouble, made the phoney sick call.
“Just not feeling that well today, feel like I might get sick and I might spread it around the office. They might know from past experience. I’m one of those people in the office that’s always trying to get the game on or something. I think they’ll let it fly this time,” he said.

Meanwhile, some fans getting home in time for the game are picking some Hawks gear on their way. Erick Keane just moved to Chicago from New Jersey 48 hours ago.
“I’m still a Devils fan but the Blackawks aren’t a rival so I might as well blend in a little bit,” said Keane.
Some of them are buying for their kids. Natahlie Strasheim’s got a 10-year-old son and 5-year-old daughter.

“They’re in the fever all right. My son’s begging to watch the whole thing although these run way past his bedtime. My daughter gets excited for five minutes and then she falls asleep,” said Strasheim.

Clark Street Sports has stands outside Union Station and inside, near Metra’s French Market, it is brimming with jerseys, t-shirts, hats and more. They’re there because demand they say is five times greater than during the Hawks’ 2010 championship run.

Arthur Deleon says it is the TV exposure the Hawks have gotten, these exciting games. Even my mother’s watching and she’s not a big sports fa and she’s just on pins and needles like everyone else.”

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