(CBS) When news first broke of an altercation between Bulls legend Scottie Pippen and a fan outside of a Malibu restaurant over the weekend, initial reports indicated Pippen could be charged with felony assault.

Now, however, after authorities have said Pippen will not be arrested or charged, the story seems to be changing form.

According to a report from the New York Daily News, Pippen was approached by an autograph-seeker while out to dinner with his family. The man began taking photos of Pippen and his family before spitting on the Hall of Famer and calling him the N-word.

“Can you imagine, you’re out to dinner with your wife, your four kids and your mother-in-law, and someone calls you the N-word and starts to get physical?” a source told the newspaper, calling the alleged victim’s story a “crock.”

The man was later taken to the hospital with a head injury, but the source said when the autograph-seeker left, he was uninjured.

“When Scottie left, this guy had no injuries,” said the source. “Scottie is very upset about the way this has been portrayed.”

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